Sunday, August 23, 2009

A library school assignment on blogging for INFO525

It behooves me to explain the existence of this particular post in the Anita Remains Professional Zone and what it signifies.

It signifies what the subject title says it does: this post is in fact NOT a post, it is an assignment. An assignment on blogging. However this is the blog I have had for three years and only updated once because it is under my real name, attached to my personal email, and I want to keep it real. So am I keeping it real by using it in this way? I really am at library school, however I'm not really sure that means anything. What I am sure of though, is that there are already too many damn username and password combos to try and keep straight in my head and so I can't, I just can't I tells you, bring myself to start yet another bloody online journal. Thusly, for that reason alone and quite aside from the 10 or so percent of my final mark, this here is my INFO 525 assignment on blogging.

The joys of diversification of services and client expectations in the 21st century.

Yes I know it's just an embedded Youtube video. That was the assignment.